A Very Exclusive Vineyard, A Novel of Horror When Ash Thorne's fiancé is critically injured in a car crash during a winter storm, her life is forever changed. Soon after, she moves with her parents, Paul and Remi, to a tiny, remote town in West Texas. While Paul is away on business, Remi and Ash learn that something strange, deadly, and evil is going on in La Sima. Their lives and many others will be forfeit unless they can unmask and stop the sinister forces at work in the little town.

Morgan Law has again delivered a fast-paced, suspenseful novel. Solid characterizations, well-written dialogue, and interesting plots are becoming staples for Law, and all three are apparent as her characters struggle to survive and adapt to a terrifying new reality. A Very Exclusive Vineyard smoothly walks between genres in a work that fans of suspense, horror, sci fi, and even romantic fiction should all find compelling.

Reader Reviews

"This story is dead on for readers who like thrillers. Law has served up a page-turning drama complete with two strong female characters pitted against some very, very bad guys, romantic subplots, and plenty of surprises. I bought the book and finished finished reading it in two sessions because I couldn't put it down, and then I was sorry that I had, because I liked the main characters so much. (I had a similar reaction to Law's first book, Gaea's Tears, and I wish she would publish a sequel.) If you like thrillers and spooky books, you will probably find this one to be a good read."

Key words and ISBN

Horror, suspense, thriller, science fiction, romance

ISBN: 098361461X

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